First meet in 2008.

First LMSC Meet on 1st June, 2008

Old LMSC Logo.

The Liverpool Mumbai Supporters Club (LMSC) was formed, mainly to provide passionate and fun loving Liverpool FC supporters an ideal place to congregate, watch and support their beloved football team. It all started when a few passionate Liverpool supporters from Mumbai, decided to form a fan club, with an international outlook and based on principles which epitomizes everything the famous football team stands for.

Since its inception in 2008, the supporters base of LMSC has been growing steadily. Well it wasn’t very easy when it all started ; there had been various attempts in the past where a few Liverpool fans tried to meet on a regular basis, but nothing materialised. The most successful team in England had very little boast about in Mumbai, whereas the likes of Man Utd, Chelsea and Arsenal had fast growing fan bases.

The common meeting point for the Liverpool supporters were social networking websites like Orkut where they would regularly meet up and discuss about their beloved club be it the spectacular wins, disappointing losses or even take a united stand against the unpopular owners of Liverpool football club back then .

However this was about to change come, June 2008. The idea of having an inter- fan club tournament was being floated by the other fan clubs. This acted as a stimulant for the Liverpool fans in Mumbai who not only loved supporting their club off the field but also loved playing football on the field. So on 1st June 2008, the Liverpool fans met for the first time at Shivaji Park, Dadar where more than twenty fans turned up. Back then this was a huge number.           

Since then there has been no looking back, the Sunday league football style tournament culminated into us gathering and watching Liverpool matches together. Back then in 2008, watching a football match in a Pub was a pretty nascent concept and not many of us were open to watching it in a pub. Only half a dozen supporters turned up for the first screening, but nonetheless it was great fun. By the end of 2008-09 we had a sizeable figure of about 30 regular members who would turn up for the screenings, also buoyed by the ‘fact’ that we had a great season under Rafa Benitez.

LMSC grew popular also due to the increasing reach of social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. In the next two years LMSC started increasing the frequency of screenings from 5 in 2008 to 20 in the next two years. In Mumbai, we have this great concept of joint screenings where fans of rival supporters clubs watch their teams play in a single pub. The atmosphere is fired up, with constant bantering, and digs at each other with innovative banners. LMSC has had multiple successful joint screenings with Chelsea India Supporters Club and Man Utd Mumbai, the highlight being a record turnout of 700+ fans for a game against Man Utd.

One of our proudest moments was when the ever so popular show Premier League World  came down to Mumbai and covered our match screening against Man City. The show is telecasted in many parts of the world and helped LMSC to gain much needed popularity. 

The best moment undoubtedly was when the LFC team flew down to Mumbai for a Standard Chartered Clinic. The likes of Paul Rogers, Matt Walker, Claire Rourke, Rishi Jain, Scott Fowler & Dave McParland took time out of their very hectic schedules and met us at a pub in South Mumbai. We were pleasantly surprised to see our interviews and videos published on the official website the next day. A few of us also got a chance to meet the legendary Ian Rush after queuing outside the ground where the clinic was held. This experience no doubt helped us getting massive publicity in India as well as abroad.


From there onwards, LMSC began to grow rapidly. More and more people turn up for the screening. Presently we have about 150-200 regular members who meet up regularly for screenings. We also got officially recognized by the club as an official branch in 2013. Its a great honour which we share with the Supporters Clubs based out of Delhi and Pune.

So, if you are a Red based out of Mumbai and haven’t met us yet or are just visiting, please do drop in at our screenings. We would be happy to have you over.








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